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Batting Averages and Aggregates

Grade Type 
Match Format 

Total Records: 12
 PlayerClubMATINNNO100s50s0s4s6sMinsHSSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.RUNSAVE.STR.
1 Nolte, ClaireHamilton District Cricket Association1110004   33* 33 NA  
2 Humphries, Alyssa JHamilton District Cricket Association1110003   21* 21 NA  
3 Moulden, JessicaSouth West Cricket Association110000    16 16 16.00  
4 Habel, AnnaSouth West Cricket Association110000    12 12 12.00  
5 Lee, GraceSouth West Cricket Association110000    10 10 10.00  
6 Goldsworthy, MaddySouth West Cricket Association110000    5 5 5.00  
7 Farrer, GraceSouth West Cricket Association110000    4 4 4.00  
8 Mungean, Jacoba JSouth West Cricket Association111000    2* 2 NA  
9 Fowler, KaitlynSouth West Cricket Association111000    0* 0 NA  
10 Firth, KiraSouth West Cricket Association110001    0 0 0.00  
11 Clarke, GeorgiaSouth West Cricket Association110001    0 0 0.00  
12 Lenehan, GabrielleSouth West Cricket Association110001    0 0 0.00  
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Total Records: 12
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
INN Number of batting innings
NO Number of not out innings. Includes retired hurt and retired notout.
100s Number of innings of 100 or greater.
50s Number of innings of between 50 and 99.
25s (If displayed:) Number of innings of between 25 and 49.
0s Number of ducks (score of 0).
4s Number of fours scored.
6s Number of sixes scored.
Mins Total minutes batted.
HS Highest score. An asterisk (*) denotes the innings was not out.
RUNS Total runs scored.
AVE. Batting average: Total runs scored/total number of dismissals.
Note: the total number of dismissals is determined by number of batting innings minus number of not out innings.
No batting statistics available