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 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Wilkinson, FlynnWarrnambool and District Cricket Association418.30
2 Parsons, KylePortland & District Cricket Association414.00
3 Reynolds, HarveyPortland & District Cricket Association413.80
4 Fleming, HughWarrnambool and District Cricket Association413.50
5 Hopper, JettHorsham Cricket Association312.30
6 Slattery, Samuel GWarrnambool and District Cricket Association411.90
7 O'Sullivan, FinnWarrnambool and District Cricket Association411.30
8 McDonald, Connor BWarrnambool and District Cricket Association410.90
9 Wilson, KadenPortland & District Cricket Association410.40
10 Atkinson, SimonSouth West Cricket Association310.30
11 Weidemann, ConnorHorsham Cricket Association310.30
12 Hill, FraserHamilton District Cricket Association410.10
13 Douglas, JoeWarrnambool and District Cricket Association49.80
14 Hansford, JacksonGrassmere Cricket Association39.60
15 Hales-Morton, TysonWarrnambool and District Cricket Association49.50
16 Schofield, AaronWimmera Mallee Cricket Association39.20
17 Greene, NoahWarrnambool and District Cricket Association49.10
18 Rouse, BlakeWarrnambool and District Cricket Association49.00
19 kelp, baileyGrassmere Cricket Association38.80
20 Allen, Sam EWarrnambool and District Cricket Association48.60
21 Lenehan, ArchieGrassmere Cricket Association38.30
22 Rhodes, Henry MWarrnambool and District Cricket Association48.10
23 Pech, RylanHamilton District Cricket Association48.00
24 Loveday, LiamWarrnambool and District Cricket Association47.80
25 McDonald, BeauPortland & District Cricket Association47.50
26 Gome, MatthewWarrnambool and District Cricket Association47.40
27 Newell, Cameron RHorsham Cricket Association37.20
28 Mahncke, JoshuaSouth West Cricket Association37.20
29 Keiller, CharliePortland & District Cricket Association47.00
30 Fogarty, WilliamWarrnambool and District Cricket Association46.80
31 Carter, Dylan RWarrnambool and District Cricket Association46.80
32 Drew, HamishPortland & District Cricket Association46.70
33 Coon, BradleyHamilton District Cricket Association46.60
34 Potter, BenHamilton District Cricket Association36.50
35 Bensch, HenryHamilton District Cricket Association46.40
36 Schrama, Harry JWarrnambool and District Cricket Association46.40
37 Ellis, TylerHamilton District Cricket Association36.40
38 Williams, EthanPortland & District Cricket Association46.30
39 Drummond, WilliamHorsham Cricket Association36.10
40 Kirk, WillPortland & District Cricket Association46.00
41 Dawson, NoahWarrnambool and District Cricket Association46.00
42 Balcombe, TysonSouth West Cricket Association35.30
43 Burns, TomPortland & District Cricket Association45.30
44 McGovern, HaydenWarrnambool and District Cricket Association45.20
45 Ford, JyeGrassmere Cricket Association35.20
46 Hollis, ChadPortland & District Cricket Association45.10
47 Henderson, JackHamilton District Cricket Association34.90
48 Martin, Oliver HSouth West Cricket Association34.80
49 Downer, BlakeHorsham Cricket Association34.80
50 Perera, Danelle EWarrnambool and District Cricket Association44.80
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Total Records: 117   Page: 1 of 3   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3]>Next
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 2.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 5.00
Not outs 1.00

No batting statistics available